Uncle Rick's Waaman Tours - Leading the way for 70,000+ years
Uncle Rick's Waaman Tours - Leading the way for 70,000+ years

Elder Led Cultural Tours
Castlemaine, Victoria, Jaara Country.

Discover Jaara Culture with Uncle Rick - The Waaman

Embark on an enriching journey with Uncle Rick Nelson, a revered Jaara Elder and Traditional Custodian, as he guides you through the heart of Jaara Country. Uncle Rick’s Elder-led cultural tours offer an authentic immersion into ancient traditions and practices.

Based in Castlemaine, Victoria, Uncle Rick’s Waaman Tours is dedicated to fostering understanding, respect, and connection to Aboriginal culture.

Join Uncle Rick as we explore sacred sites, share ancestral stories, and celebrate the vibrant living culture  of Jaara people.

The Jaara Story

In the heart of Castlemaine and Upper Loddon, amidst the rugged terrain and sweeping vistas, lies a land steeped in the living culture  of the Jaara people. For thousands of years, this ancient landscape has cradled the dreams, struggles, and triumphs of our ancestors.

From the towering Leanganook (Mount Alexander), once a fiery sentinel of the land as an ancient volcano, to the tranquil valleys and meandering waterways that have sustained our people for generations, every hill and riverbed carries the echoes of our past and the hopes for our future.

What's included in the Waaman Tours

Welcome to Country/ Smoking Ceremonies

Experience the ancient ritual of smoke cleansing, known for its purifying and healing properties. Join Uncle Rick as he performs traditional Smoking Ceremonies to cleanse the spirit and connect with the land, fostering a sense of peace and renewal.

See Significant Trees

Explore the living history of Jaara Country through visits to boundary trees, scar trees, and ancient giants. Uncle Rick unveils the stories etched in these significant trees, offering a profound connection to the land's rich culture.

Cultural Sites Including Ancient Water Wells

Uncover the life-lines of Jaara Country as you explore traditional water wells, crafted to sustain life in arid landscapes. These natural catchments, often covered to protect from contamination, offer a glimpse into the ingenuity and resilience of the Jaara people.

Bush Tucker Sampling

Delight in the authentic taste of indigenous ingredients as you connect with the land during our bush tucker morning tea.

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Guided by Uncle Rick Nelson

Meet Uncle Rick Nelson, a revered Jaara Elder and Traditional Owner, dedicated to preserving and sharing the living culture of his people. With a profound commitment to his community, Uncle Rick serves as a cultural advisor, guiding initiatives and fostering understanding of Jaara traditions.

Building upon the legacy of his father, Uncle Brien Nelson, whose pioneering tours paved the way, Uncle Rick continues to honour the ancestral wisdom passed down through generations.

Through his Waaman Tours, Uncle Rick invites you to experience the richness of Jaara culture firsthand, offering a journey of discovery and connection that resonates with the spirit of his ancestors.

Uncle Rick Nelson, Photo Liz Thompson/SharingStories Foundation

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All tours depart from Castlemaine Visitor Information Centre right in the heart of Castlemaine on Jaara Country

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